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  Rental Terms & Conditions      
   Scooter Rentals (All Included)
  Unlimited Mileage
  2 Helmets
  1 Security Chain
  Third Party Insurance / Any Driver
  24 Hour Break Down Assistance



 Terms & Conditions





 All scooters are very easy to use, and are
 supplied with two helmets, a security chain and 24 Hour
 Breakdown assistance. We rent for a minimum of 3 days.

 The driver must be 21 or over with a valid driver license.
 Scooters are Third Party insured with a €200 up front deposit required  
 which is refundable. This is to guarantee a safe return at the agreed
 time and in the same condition as when hired out.

 The Driver is required to have some previous experience 
 driving scooters.

 The driver remains responsible for all traffic and parking fines
 incurred during the rental period.

 Scooters may be driven to the island of Gozo.

 More details are discussed in the rental agreement.

 We can Deliver to your residence or come pick you up
 if you're located in our vicinity. Good rates and long lets
 are also available.   

 Book Online for reservation or enquire at


 Payments by major credit card are accepted.

 Open 7 days a week.




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Siamoto KD 125cc 

 4-strock single cy, automatic

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   S-Basic VAI - Fz350K

  XIII 1GD, Shade, 3B 
  Polli carbonate DVC- 
  BDRW, 13.1 INT,
  1/0, ck, W2008













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